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Apache MPM beos

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Description:This Multi-Processing Module is optimized for BeOS.
Module Identifier:mpm_beos_module
Source File:beos.c


This Multi-Processing Module (MPM) is the default for BeOS. It uses a single control process which creates threads to handle requests.


See also


MaxRequestsPerThread Directive

Description:Limit on the number of requests that an individual thread will handle during its life
Syntax:MaxRequestsPerThread number
Default:MaxRequestsPerThread 0
Context:server config

The MaxRequestsPerThread directive sets the limit on the number of requests that an individual server thread will handle. After MaxRequestsPerThread requests, the thread will die. If MaxRequestsPerThread is 0, then the thread will never expire.

Setting MaxRequestsPerThread to a non-zero limit has two beneficial effects:


For KeepAlive requests, only the first request is counted towards this limit. In effect, it changes the behavior to limit the number of connections per thread.

Available Languages:  de  |  en  |  es  |  ko 



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